Friday, March 14, 2014

Shake the Dust Off

I'm a bad blogger. Okay, maybe not bad, just neglectful. But you know what? I miss it tons! I miss being able to look back on my life via the blog, and I miss sharing it with friends. So here I am, giving it another go. There's so many things to catch up on here, and it's a little overwhelming, but here's the cliff notes:

I moved back to Venice! The blog is no longer a misnomer. Back in a tiny studio, across from the beach, in what I heard a hobo refer to recently as the "Ghetto by the Sea". I'll take it.

So to ease back into blogging, I'm going to give you the short-list of things I'm into this week.

Listen: My last roommate introduced me to James Blake's music, and I couldn't get enough, and then I heard this collaboration with Chance the Rapper, and it's literally been on repeat all morning.

Watch:  TxTo - Unroll Your Story I stumbled across this app that takes your text message conversations and prints them onto scrolls. I know, it's a waste of paper and it's overly sentimental, and frivolous, but I don't care. I love it. I'm the kind of person that saves birthday cards, and notes from junior high. I will probably be one of those old ladies who scrapbooks for 5 hours a day when I'm seventy. So be it. Check out this video though and tell me if you don't love it (if you don't love it, come talk to me, because you're dead inside).

Visit: LA Louver - I admit it, sometimes I get into the rut of go to work, happy hour, eat, sleep repeat, but last night I forced myself to do something different, and tagged along with a work friend to the LA Louver gallery for an exhibition opening for Gajin Fujita. It was the best weeknight diversion I could have asked for (plus it was a five minute walk from my apartment). It's street art/grafitti meets gorgeous pencil drawings of intense samurais. The detailed spray paint, pencil work, and paper cutting is breathtaking. If you're in Venice, anywhere near the boardwalk anytime soon, I highly recommend you check it out. LA Louver - Gajin Fujita Drawings

That should be enough to get your weekend off to a good start! Stay tuned for more posts, because I'm back and here to stay.